How Corrupt FBI Feds Tricked, Manipulated, And BULLIED Patriotic Vietnam Vet Randy Weaver Into A Dead-End Situation. You may have heard some things untrue about Randy Weaver. Well here’s the cold hard truth about the dirty feds of Ruby Ridge, and what REALLY HAPPENED. Randy Weaver is a free man today and was paid millions by the government for the TYRANNICAL, FASCIST, UNHINGED ASSAULT Launched On Him and His Family. Weaver was freed of any type of murder charge that some DIRTY FEDS tried to hit him with. It’s sad that DIRTY TYRANTS in our GOVERNMENT do this and then put a blackeye on the good people in the gov’t. This happened in 1992…

Randy Weaver refused to show up to court over firearm charges because he had learned the government was going to take his property and home if he lost the trial. If Weaver lost the trial (which he was going to because of his prior refusal to have the charges dropped if he helped the gov’t terrorize the Aryan Nations group which was minding it’s own business), his property would have been tyrannically taken by the government which would have left his wife homeless along with his kids. Weaver was offered to have the illegal firearms sale/possession charges dropped if he would be a double-agent for the ATF and the US gov’t. Weaver refused because he knew this was a government overreach to terrorize people who are in or associate themselves (loosely) with the Aryan Nations. Weaver is usually seen as a member of the Aryan Nations, however that is untrue. Even if Weaver was a member of the Aryan Nations — it would not be a big deal because the AN were not terrorizing anyone. Did their views offend some people? Sure. But they were not harming anyone. In either case, the reality is Weaver was not a member of the AN.


On about August 24, 1992, the fourth day of the siege on the Weaver family, FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson, who was unaware that Vicki Weaver had been killed,[109] wrote a memo with the following content:

Something to Consider

1. Charge against Weaver is Bull Shit.
2. No one saw Weaver do any shooting.
3. Vicki has no charges against her.
4. Weaver’s defense. He ran down the hill to see what dog was barking at. Some guys in camys shot his dog. Started shooting at him. Killed his son. Harris did the shooting [of Degan]. He [Weaver] is in pretty strong legal position.[110]

Weaver had loose ties in the AN, such as friends, but he wasn’t apart of it. And once again the biggest exaggeration I have ever heard is the condemnation of the AN being a terrorist organization. Back then AN was not terroristic at all. These days you have prison gangs called “Aryan Nations” but it literally is not connected to the ARYAN NATION in anyway. The ARYAN NATION was not a terroristic organization at all. Either way, Weaver wanted no part of the Aryan Nations-US gov’t drama (that was being started by the ATF/US gov’t) so he refused to have his charges wiped (the offer itself proves how corrupt gov’t officials were, as they attempted to use bribery on former a military veteran like Weaver — who has enough integrity not to assist some unhinged gov’t officials on a power trip). Weaver to this day denies being guilty of illegally selling firearms / illegally possessing firearms. Weaver, a US Army veteran, was technically “guilty” of possessing illegal guns (2 sawed off shotguns) — but the sawed-off shotgun ban is technically unconstitutional so it’s understandable why Weaver (who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution when he joined the ARMY) would not acknowledge unconstitutional laws. Weaver didn’t start any violence against the feds, he just minded his own business and stayed true to the US CONSTITUTION in the face of any tyranny. Anyways, the US Marshalls came to get Weaver and intruded on his property to forcibly take him — an 11 day shootout/siege happened which led to the government killing Weaver’s dog and 14 yr old son. The RUBY RIDGE siege was all due to corrupt gov’t officials who were pissed at Weaver for not helping them imprison Aryan Nations associates who literally were not terrorists. You can argue Weaver should have been less paranoid and more diplomatic, but at the end of the day — it’s the US Government that was going to take Weaver’s land after they got ready to screw him over in court. You can also argue Weaver should not have sold the 2 sawed off shotguns (which the details are unconfirmed as Weaver denies a lot of the charges put against him), but Weaver was deceived into selling them to an undercover federal agent. So the whole situation obviously was the feds trying to force Weaver into helping them with their debacle with the AN. Weaver did not want to and told them to leave him alone after they tricked him and manipulated him and made him trust them enough to allegedly sale the firearms (which if true could be Weaver’s fault mostly but then again the US gov’t was totally coaxing him into doing it and using the poor old guy). Why would they try and coax Weaver into doing it? Because they knew Weaver was a good man, and the only way to get him legally (so they could try to bully him into being an informant) was by tricking him.
Weaver isn’t a perfect man and none of us are, but the entire handling of this by the feds is terrible. Weaver was a Vietnam Vet and was not a threat to anyone. The AN, despite it’s rhetoric being offensive to some, was not a terrorist organization. Weaver was not a member of the AN. Weaver was just unlucky to be caught in the middle of it all. The feds got angry at Weaver because he’s a genuine, good, integral man who wouldn’t let manipulative feds bully him into being a double-agent.. and therefore the feds let their own corruption lead to the Ruby Ridge shitfest.
The feds invoked poor Randy Weaver into a quarrel he had no part in nor wanted any part in (his right).
The corrupt feds manipulated him into a web to the point where he had no choice but to hide out and pray the government would leave him and his family alone. Sadly the hotheads in the ATF and FBI overreacted and seized Weaver’s property, and it resulted in a shootout which left Weaver’s wife dead, 14 yr old son dead, Weaver’s dog dead, and an FBI agent dead. That FBI agent was not killed because of the Weavers, he was killed because his cohorts were unethical, manipulative, corrupt, and bullies to Weaver. The Weavers were in self defense mode as they were totally set up.

AP News immorally, unethically, and dishonestly claims Randy Weaver is a “white seperatist” in the bio of this video. Nevertheless, here’s an old senate hearing about Ruby Ridge



Now despite Weaver being unfairly manipulated and absolutely bullied by an overreaching
government, Weaver still could have handled things better. Nevertheless, it’s a general
consensus that the US gov’t totally screwed up in every single way with this. The US gov’t
eventually was forced to admit they were wrong. Randy Weaver was rewarded $3.1 Million by the gov’t in their
way of apologizing for killing his wife, kid, and dog. Weaver probably could have gotten
even more out of the civil lawsuit from the federal gov’t.
I mean with the threat from the government to
take his land if he lost the (rigged) firearms cases — which in turn would have put his whole
family homeless and along with being RIDICULOUSLY CHARGED for killing the FBI agent (which Weaver was cleared of obviously)
and along with being the subject of a bribery offer and extortion by some corrupt federal goons, and other things —
Randy Weaver was definitely due for more than 3 million dollars. But like Weaver cared for money after his family
was killed by corrupt feds.

Folks, the RUBY RIDGE siege is a lesson. If you’re technically breaking a globalist-enforced/Unconstitutional law,
don’t tell anyone. Weaver should not had been so naive to be coaxed into that RIDICULOUS
CHARGE against him that they were going for. Weaver, knowing that the federal gov’t is
corrupted, stuck to his Constitutional rights despite the overreaching laws and he didn’t
make a fuss about it. But Weaver was too trusting. Also after Weaver realized he was coaxed
by the feds, he allowed his anger and not his intellect to get the best of him. Obviously Weaver was angry,
but Weaver was not some corrupt goon with a badge, Weaver was a patriot (and still is).
Weaver could have outsmarted those assholes if he wanted to and went along with the deal
to be a double-agent for the feds against the Aryan Nation. Weaver could have
just done as lousy as a job as he possibly could and I bet the feds would have moved on.
Possibly not, but Weaver didn’t have many options there after being tricked by Unconstitutional feds.
But instead Weaver refused to think anything through. Yes, it is the GOVERNMENT’s FAULT 100% FOR THE RUBY RIDGE TRAGEDY.
be irrational in the face of it. Weaver is morally clean and conciously clean 100%. I was not in the man’s shoes. But
he still could have reacted better to the incidents that the tyrannical feds brought upon him back in 1992. Heck, Weaver
is a humble Christian and has admitted it publicly that he could have handled it better.
NO, it was not Weaver’s fault whatsoever for anything that occurred but even Weaver knows
for us to combat tyrants — in some cases we must just outsmart them. And do so without
being angered.



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