On The Hunt For TRUTH, In A WORLD Of LIES. #TruthHunt

So as the world keeps spinning, the sun keeps rising, the moon keeps setting, the grass keeps growing, the waves keep rowing. But what else is also very certain to continue. Media lies.

You have the mainstream media, which is trusted in some respects but too much distortion comes through. They’ve shown to be corrupt at times as well.

Conservative media like Fox is definitely not honest either. Sure, they give you the facts — but they also give you a lot of propagandized hogwash.

You’ve got alternate media, and blogs [like this], and you’ve got media all over the web.

Here at TRUTH HUNT, I promise you — you’ll get the truth. I’m not biased to the Republicans, I think most of them are sacks of sh*t. And I’m not biased to the Democrats, because I have plenty of probs with them as well.

I’m not really a liberal nor am I conservative. I’m just for the right news being reported, the truth getting out there WITHOUT any lies sprinkled in it.

So my guarantee to you, is that I will give it to you straight. I will not report inaccurate stories, I won’t say this is true when I secretly know it’s false [or semi-fake], I won’t pretend like I have all the answers. But what I will do is receive the answers, expose lies in all of the media [despite what section of the media they belong to], and wake up everyday with the fire of a THOUSAND SUNS. And the energy of a trained, dedicated, mean pro boxer on his way to fight for the heavyweight title. And I mean it. I promise you that.



TRUTHhunt.Jpg#TruthHunt. Get The TRUTH Out There!


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