Remember Dr Gorka’s Apparent “Nazi” Suit On Inauguration Night? Yeah, Here’s The TRUTH!



Before I explain the controversy about Horthy, who is a Hungarian cultural icon, here’s a summary
from someone who has good info about Gorka.


Alt-left Wing Nut Mary Cummins, a self-proclaimed investigative journalist, claims former White House top assistant Dr Sebastian Gorka is an anti-Semitic Nazi-supporter. At least she implies it heavily. But her description of what Gorka wear a year and 2 months ago on Inauguration Night is a sleazy generalization. Here’s what I want to begin with before I write about Gorka’s bocskai suit and medal.

HungaryToday website:


Certainly, the meaning of the Order of Vitéz is far from free of controversy in Hungarian historical memory. As Talking Points Memo points out in its article on the subject, the legacy of the group is very much a mixed one. TPM spoke to Hungarian historian George Deák, a historian who is currently an associate at Harvard University’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies.
Mr. Deák described the order as a “‘tainted’ but ambiguous symbol”; Hungarian Secretary of State Endre and Lt. Colonel László Ferenczy, two of men behind the 1944 mass deportation of Jews from Hungary to concentration camps, were “proud members of the order.” At the same time, however, Mr. Deák pointed out to TPM that “a small number of wealthy Jews allied themselves with the order as well.”
Going further, he added that while “anti-Semitism was probably something shared among most of the members of that group…it wasn’t explicitly anti-Semitic.”

One of Lobelog’s key points in its claim that the Order was essentially a fascist organization rests on the fact that it is listed by the US State Department as an “Organization Under the Direction of the Nazi Government of Germany.” This is true; however, when one looks at the list in question, one can see that this definition was rather broad, encompassing groups ranging from outright fascists, such as the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party and the Lithuanian SS, to the entire police forces of countries ranging from France to Poland to Lithuania. And while even these latter police forces certainly did contribute in abhorrent ways to the Nazi’s goals of genocide and empire, it would be going too far to accuse someone of anti-Semitism simply for wearing the logo of the French police force in order to honor one’s father.”


“Perhaps most importantly (and this is a point that no news outlet, to our knowledge, has brought up), Mr. Gorka’s father never even belonged to the original Order of Vitéz in the first place. Responding in a Breitbart video to the allegations raised against him, Mr. Gorka explained that his father, who had been imprisoned by Communist authorities in 1950 for attempting to organize resistance efforts, had received the Vitéz medal in 1979 “for his resistance to dictatorship.” In addition, Pál Gorka was born in 1930, meaning he was fifteen at the war’s end; considering that the Order of Vitéz was officially banned in 1947, neither Pál Gorka nor, by extension, his son, had any direct connection to the original Order founded by Horthy. The Order was reestablished in exile in the latter half of the 20th century, as a voluntary fraternal organization, but one with no legal standing whatsoever in Hungary. While there may be some question, then, of whether Mr. Gorka is even technically entitled to use the title “Vitéz”, it would be a gross mischaracterization of facts to claim that his wearing of the order’s medal at the Liberty Ball is a direct link to a pro-Nazi group.
You can view Mr. Gorka’s response in full below:


Okay, here’s my explanation on Dr Sebastian Gorka’s suit that he wore and I think it’ll explain a lot about his Hungarian pride. I might not get all of this right, but I’ve always wanted to write this about Dr Gorka because when the internet flipped out over what he wore on Trump’s Inaugural Night, I felt as if I was the only one who knew exactly what he was wearing.

Sooo, here we go.

So what Dr Sebastian Gorka wore was not covered very fondly by any media. The NBC News report on it was misleading, as their headline embedded ‘Nazi-linked’ into the middle of the statement. By putting ‘Nazi-linked’ in their headline, it invokes their perception of what it is and what many Hungarians view it as and the cultural spectrum of Vitezi Rend (Order of Vitez).


I guess NBC’s headline is factual, but it’s misleading as hell.

So the leftists, on Inauguration night were desperate to see Trump and his associates smeared as Nazis. They wanted to believe it to be true to fuel their fake ideology of resistance. A delusional resistance. So the whole internet freakout back on January 20th, 2017 over Gorka’s attire started with a blogger I believe, or someone with a decent-sized site… Someone or whoever posted this pic of Gorka and his wife and they explained it and the person grossly misunderstood his wardrobe.


The wardrobe, I first recognized it as from the legendary Order of Vitez back when this went hitpiece on Gorka went kinda-viral after Trump’s inauguration. I was correct. I’m a big WW1 and WW2 buff. I like studying the Vietnam War as well.

So what’s the Order of Vitez? Why is it legendary? Well, it’s legendary to Hungary that’s for sure. Some Hungarians find it infamously legendary and some find it legendary. It all goes back to who created the Order of Vitez, aka Miklos Horthy.

The Order of Vitez had members of the Hungarian government and military in it from 1920-1945 (when it ended). The Order of- Vitez was founded by the Hungarian ruler Miklos Horthy who has an extremely difficult, jaded history. He was an anti-Semite and in the 1930s as a ruler, relied on Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany through trade to lift Hungary from the Great Depression.


Despite Horthy being an ally of Hitler for years, he turned on the Nazis when trying to stop the fighting between Hungary and the UK, USA. Horthy was overthrown by the Nazis because of this betrayal. But during the time of his rule, he protected Hungarian Jews from being deported to German concentration camps — and Jews were only taken from Hungary when the Nazis took him out of power. Horthy’s Hungary government had not much of a choice but to be allied with the Nazis as diplomatic partners, and when WW2 started Horthy tried to find ways out of having his government be a part of it. Horthy’s refusal to hand over Hungarian Jews to the Nazis which went on for years, along with his secretive attempts at striking a deal with the Allies, eventually led to the Nazis overthrowing him. He was arrested by the Germans but at the end of the war, the US took custody of him and eventually let him go after he served as a witness at the Nuremberg war crimes trials. Horthy lived out the rest of his life, exiled in Portugal.

Horthy is a Hungarian icon that divides Hungarians, as some see him as a hero and great leader who worked with the cards he had — and others see him as a despot who did no good. Horthy is seen as someone who did his best to defend the Hungarian Jews from the Nazis, until he was overthrown in which he lost his power to protect them. He did pass anti-Semitic laws during that time, but Hungary was seen as a safe haven for Jews in that vicinity of nations and that was due to Horthy. Horthy is not deemed bad nor good by the Hungarian government these days and is left to academic debate or social debate. Some right-wing Hungarians choose to admire Horthy for doing the best he could.


The medal that Mary Cummins claims Dr Gorka is wearing has an unidentifiable meaning and the Order of Vitez wardrobes is seen as a cultural passing-down from dad-to-son, and Gorka is just honoring his dad by wearing the formal Order of Vitez wardrobe. He’s not a Nazi like people claim, as Horthy wasn’t a Nazi either.


Gorka has a far-right conservative ideology but has never indicated a fascist dictatorial agenda whatsoever. The formal suit he wore with the medal is a cultural thing of his. Kinda how other cultures and ethnicities have traditions that uphold their rulers even if they were controversial.


The main thing Horthy gets criticized for is his anti-Semitism but he didn’t want to kill Hungarian Jews and did all he could to protect them, despite not regarding them much. Him and Hitler did not get along well, and he was trying to leave the Axis and join with the Allies for years during the war. So yes, he’s a controversial figure and is technically seen as a Nazi-collaborator — but he was forced into it. If he refused to join Hitler he would have been overthrown. He didn’t have much of a choice. The US government obviously did not deem him as someone who deserved to be treated as a Nazi or Nazi-collaborator as he didn’t receive punishment.


He didn’t receive punishment due to his years of trying to leave the Axis, years of saving Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust, and years of being stuck in a spot he couldn’t get out of. He was stuck as an ally to Hitler, and it was not his choice. Hitler’s Germany and the fascist Italy had the power over him by a lot.


So her claim of Horthy being someone who was totally complicit in the 600,000 Jews who died under him is inaccurate. He wasn’t complicit. He was an anti-Semite but he didn’t want them to die. He had a weird moral complex it seems, in my opinion. But he held himself higher than the Jewry, yet he didn’t want to kill them. He wasn’t a great person, but he wasn’t totally evil. He was just a rich elitist who was able to become a despot easier than many. But he wasn’t a nihilistic, evil psycho like Hitler. And also, the 600,000 claim is not very accurate based on the numbers I’ve read.


Many leaders in history have shadiness of them, but they are still revered as cultural icons and Gorka was representing his culture and honoring his heritage. Her slander of him for doing so is misled.

I’m not saying Horthy is on par with the Founding Fathers, because that’s absolute heresy as they weren’t oligarchical despots. But I’m not saying Horthy is on par with Hitler whatsoever either. But here is the thing, if liberals support Fidel Castro’s ideology and Obama can literally go hang out with the Castros like he’s their bestfriends — then what’s the big deal of Gorka wearing a cultural, ancestral suit like this? I mean it should NOT be a big deal especially after Hillary looks like a commie in her wardrobe and even had Lady Gaga wearing a Nazi uniform once.

So for my final statements, I will say this. I don’t condone what the Axis nations fought for, but I do like to study the context of the nations and rulers and what nations were in it for. Hungary really had no choice. I’ve read about them being able to side with the Soviets had they made the choice quickly before the war or at the beginning of the war. But perhaps the Horthy and his government and military were uncertain if the Soviets could protect them from the Nazis and the Fascist Italians. It’s something you could study and debate. Either way, I hope I helped clear up some fog about Miklos Horthy and how despite his anti-Semitism and despotism, he was not a genocidal maniac. He was forced into allowing it after YEARS of resisting the powerful Nazi Germany government and Hitler’s will. He was forced because he was toppled by the Nazis. After Horthy tried to leave something he never wanted to be in with someone (Hitler) he never was fond of, he was toppled and the Jews he protected from the Holocaust were unable to be saved by him anymore. Horthy didn’t have a choice. He was basically made an ally by the Nazis. And Horthy did his best.

That’s why the Hungarians have mixed feelings about him. The Hungary government overall won’t take a side as they want to leave it up to academic, free, social debate. Horthy is perceived different and seen different by many.



How Corrupt FBI Feds Tricked, Manipulated, And BULLIED Patriotic Vietnam Vet Randy Weaver Into A Dead-End Situation. You may have heard some things untrue about Randy Weaver. Well here’s the cold hard truth about the dirty feds of Ruby Ridge, and what REALLY HAPPENED. Randy Weaver is a free man today and was paid millions by the government for the TYRANNICAL, FASCIST, UNHINGED ASSAULT Launched On Him and His Family. Weaver was freed of any type of murder charge that some DIRTY FEDS tried to hit him with. It’s sad that DIRTY TYRANTS in our GOVERNMENT do this and then put a blackeye on the good people in the gov’t. This happened in 1992…

Randy Weaver refused to show up to court over firearm charges because he had learned the government was going to take his property and home if he lost the trial. If Weaver lost the trial (which he was going to because of his prior refusal to have the charges dropped if he helped the gov’t terrorize the Aryan Nations group which was minding it’s own business), his property would have been tyrannically taken by the government which would have left his wife homeless along with his kids. Weaver was offered to have the illegal firearms sale/possession charges dropped if he would be a double-agent for the ATF and the US gov’t. Weaver refused because he knew this was a government overreach to terrorize people who are in or associate themselves (loosely) with the Aryan Nations. Weaver is usually seen as a member of the Aryan Nations, however that is untrue. Even if Weaver was a member of the Aryan Nations — it would not be a big deal because the AN were not terrorizing anyone. Did their views offend some people? Sure. But they were not harming anyone. In either case, the reality is Weaver was not a member of the AN.


On about August 24, 1992, the fourth day of the siege on the Weaver family, FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson, who was unaware that Vicki Weaver had been killed,[109] wrote a memo with the following content:

Something to Consider

1. Charge against Weaver is Bull Shit.
2. No one saw Weaver do any shooting.
3. Vicki has no charges against her.
4. Weaver’s defense. He ran down the hill to see what dog was barking at. Some guys in camys shot his dog. Started shooting at him. Killed his son. Harris did the shooting [of Degan]. He [Weaver] is in pretty strong legal position.[110]

Weaver had loose ties in the AN, such as friends, but he wasn’t apart of it. And once again the biggest exaggeration I have ever heard is the condemnation of the AN being a terrorist organization. Back then AN was not terroristic at all. These days you have prison gangs called “Aryan Nations” but it literally is not connected to the ARYAN NATION in anyway. The ARYAN NATION was not a terroristic organization at all. Either way, Weaver wanted no part of the Aryan Nations-US gov’t drama (that was being started by the ATF/US gov’t) so he refused to have his charges wiped (the offer itself proves how corrupt gov’t officials were, as they attempted to use bribery on former a military veteran like Weaver — who has enough integrity not to assist some unhinged gov’t officials on a power trip). Weaver to this day denies being guilty of illegally selling firearms / illegally possessing firearms. Weaver, a US Army veteran, was technically “guilty” of possessing illegal guns (2 sawed off shotguns) — but the sawed-off shotgun ban is technically unconstitutional so it’s understandable why Weaver (who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution when he joined the ARMY) would not acknowledge unconstitutional laws. Weaver didn’t start any violence against the feds, he just minded his own business and stayed true to the US CONSTITUTION in the face of any tyranny. Anyways, the US Marshalls came to get Weaver and intruded on his property to forcibly take him — an 11 day shootout/siege happened which led to the government killing Weaver’s dog and 14 yr old son. The RUBY RIDGE siege was all due to corrupt gov’t officials who were pissed at Weaver for not helping them imprison Aryan Nations associates who literally were not terrorists. You can argue Weaver should have been less paranoid and more diplomatic, but at the end of the day — it’s the US Government that was going to take Weaver’s land after they got ready to screw him over in court. You can also argue Weaver should not have sold the 2 sawed off shotguns (which the details are unconfirmed as Weaver denies a lot of the charges put against him), but Weaver was deceived into selling them to an undercover federal agent. So the whole situation obviously was the feds trying to force Weaver into helping them with their debacle with the AN. Weaver did not want to and told them to leave him alone after they tricked him and manipulated him and made him trust them enough to allegedly sale the firearms (which if true could be Weaver’s fault mostly but then again the US gov’t was totally coaxing him into doing it and using the poor old guy). Why would they try and coax Weaver into doing it? Because they knew Weaver was a good man, and the only way to get him legally (so they could try to bully him into being an informant) was by tricking him.
Weaver isn’t a perfect man and none of us are, but the entire handling of this by the feds is terrible. Weaver was a Vietnam Vet and was not a threat to anyone. The AN, despite it’s rhetoric being offensive to some, was not a terrorist organization. Weaver was not a member of the AN. Weaver was just unlucky to be caught in the middle of it all. The feds got angry at Weaver because he’s a genuine, good, integral man who wouldn’t let manipulative feds bully him into being a double-agent.. and therefore the feds let their own corruption lead to the Ruby Ridge shitfest.
The feds invoked poor Randy Weaver into a quarrel he had no part in nor wanted any part in (his right).
The corrupt feds manipulated him into a web to the point where he had no choice but to hide out and pray the government would leave him and his family alone. Sadly the hotheads in the ATF and FBI overreacted and seized Weaver’s property, and it resulted in a shootout which left Weaver’s wife dead, 14 yr old son dead, Weaver’s dog dead, and an FBI agent dead. That FBI agent was not killed because of the Weavers, he was killed because his cohorts were unethical, manipulative, corrupt, and bullies to Weaver. The Weavers were in self defense mode as they were totally set up.

AP News immorally, unethically, and dishonestly claims Randy Weaver is a “white seperatist” in the bio of this video. Nevertheless, here’s an old senate hearing about Ruby Ridge



Now despite Weaver being unfairly manipulated and absolutely bullied by an overreaching
government, Weaver still could have handled things better. Nevertheless, it’s a general
consensus that the US gov’t totally screwed up in every single way with this. The US gov’t
eventually was forced to admit they were wrong. Randy Weaver was rewarded $3.1 Million by the gov’t in their
way of apologizing for killing his wife, kid, and dog. Weaver probably could have gotten
even more out of the civil lawsuit from the federal gov’t.
I mean with the threat from the government to
take his land if he lost the (rigged) firearms cases — which in turn would have put his whole
family homeless and along with being RIDICULOUSLY CHARGED for killing the FBI agent (which Weaver was cleared of obviously)
and along with being the subject of a bribery offer and extortion by some corrupt federal goons, and other things —
Randy Weaver was definitely due for more than 3 million dollars. But like Weaver cared for money after his family
was killed by corrupt feds.

Folks, the RUBY RIDGE siege is a lesson. If you’re technically breaking a globalist-enforced/Unconstitutional law,
don’t tell anyone. Weaver should not had been so naive to be coaxed into that RIDICULOUS
CHARGE against him that they were going for. Weaver, knowing that the federal gov’t is
corrupted, stuck to his Constitutional rights despite the overreaching laws and he didn’t
make a fuss about it. But Weaver was too trusting. Also after Weaver realized he was coaxed
by the feds, he allowed his anger and not his intellect to get the best of him. Obviously Weaver was angry,
but Weaver was not some corrupt goon with a badge, Weaver was a patriot (and still is).
Weaver could have outsmarted those assholes if he wanted to and went along with the deal
to be a double-agent for the feds against the Aryan Nation. Weaver could have
just done as lousy as a job as he possibly could and I bet the feds would have moved on.
Possibly not, but Weaver didn’t have many options there after being tricked by Unconstitutional feds.
But instead Weaver refused to think anything through. Yes, it is the GOVERNMENT’s FAULT 100% FOR THE RUBY RIDGE TRAGEDY.
be irrational in the face of it. Weaver is morally clean and conciously clean 100%. I was not in the man’s shoes. But
he still could have reacted better to the incidents that the tyrannical feds brought upon him back in 1992. Heck, Weaver
is a humble Christian and has admitted it publicly that he could have handled it better.
NO, it was not Weaver’s fault whatsoever for anything that occurred but even Weaver knows
for us to combat tyrants — in some cases we must just outsmart them. And do so without
being angered.


Breaking News: President Trump & Cabinet WILL NOT Allow Trans Students To Use Bathroom Of Choice

The Trump administration have just made an explosive decision to roll back Obama-embedded policy which allowed trans-gendered students to choose the restroom of their preference at school.

Image result for lgbt FOR TRUMP FLAG RALLY

Trans people go to the bathroom of their choice, despite their biological gender. But the US gov’t will no longer protect that ‘right’ under President Trump.

President Trump once stated he would allow a trans woman to choose the bathroom ‘she’ wanted in Trump Tower, and that offset  some on the right. Well now, this decision to rollback Obama-era policy will make many liberals livid.

The Hill reports:
The Trump administration Wednesday rolled back an Obama-era regulation extending certain protections to transgender students.
The Department of Justice and the Department of Education issued new guidance Wednesday evening rolling back the policies, citing a need to further consider the legal issues.
The guidelines required public schools to allow children to use bathrooms and other facilities that correspond to their gender identities.
“[We] had decided to withdraw and rescind the above-referenced guidance documents in order to further and more completely consider the legal issues involved,” the DOJ and DOE said in a memo Wednesday. “The Departments thus will not rely on the views expressed within them.”
“Please note that this withdrawal of these guidance documents does not leave students without protections from discrimination, harassment or bullying,” the departments added. “All schools must ensure that all students, including LGBT students, are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment.”
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement Wednesday that the Obama administration’s former guidelines lacked a solid foundation in preexisting law.
“The prior guidance documents did not contain sufficient legal analysis or explain how the interpretation was consistent with the language of Title IX,” he said. “The Department of Education and the Department of Justice therefore have withdrawn the guidance.”
“Congress, state legislatures and local governments are in a position to adopt appropriate policies or laws addressing this issue,” Sessions added.
“The Department of Justice remains committed to the proper interpretation and enforcement of Title IX and its protections for all students, including LGBTQ students, from discrimination, bullying and harassment.”
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said in her own Wednesday statement “this is an issue best solved at the state and local level.”
“Schools, communities and families can find – and in many cases have found – solutions that protect all students,” she said.
“I have dedicated my career to advocating for and fighting on behalf of students, and as Secretary of Education, I consider protecting all students, including LGBTQ students, not only a key priority for the Department, but for every school in America.”
The decision to pull back the guidelines reportedly sparked a debate inside the Trump administration between Sessions and DeVos.
DeVos was purportedly uncomfortable with rescinding the past directive, while Sessions urged her to back new guidance, which required approval from both their departments.
President Trump allegedly sided with Sessions, prompting DeVos to go along on the condition the administration include language instructing schools to crack down on bullying of transgender students.
[read the rest of report here]

There’s a report that many trans kids committed suicide due to Trump’s election. Now that is a sad thing, but it is unfair to blame Trump for that. Sure, they may have been upset by Trump’s election but their parents or guardians are supposed to love them, protect them, etc. And anyways, there was an incident reportedly in 2012, that an adult man killed himself due to Obama winning reelection.

Regardless of belief in a ‘right’ to a trans student to choose which restroom they want, despite their anatomy, many argue that the government was overreaching when Obama embedded this now dead policy.

Democrats & Republicans Both Suck & Both Lie. HOW CAN YOU TELL WHICH PARTY LIES THE MOST? Check Who The President Is…

Democrats and Republicans have been the two primary parties in American politics since the origination of the country. Both parties have changed their views throughout the centuries, but they always end up opposed to each other anyways.

The opposition between Dems and Republicans has gotten so terrible before that it’s led to full-scale war. Let’s hope it never gets that bad again, but sometimes it feels like it will.

When it comes to the Dems and the GOP, party loyalty almost always comes before facts. If you have to lie or distort truth to move your party towards success, than you do it. Just like gang rivalries or sports rivalries. Or just like loyalty to your friends. If your friend bumps into someone and makes them spill their drink and your friend doesn’t say sorry then that’s a pretty rude thing to do. If the guy he knocked into says “Excuse me. Would you mind havin’ some manners?” and your friend says back “Oh suck it up, buttercup” then your friend is just being a douchebag now. But despite your bestfriend acting out, if that guy clocks your friend in the face .. you’re gonna jump in and start swinging. That’s just loyalty. Even if your bro is a jerk at that moment, your history and loyalty between you two is more important. So you side with him and fight for the cause, even if you’re in disagreement. That’s what the GOP and Dems do. SADLY, political partisanship is so arrogant in it’s pride that it can STOP pragmatism from occurring .. which HURTS the American people the most!

Now what I’m saying here is that despite your affiliation, despite your agenda, despite your loyalty… whether you are a right-winger or left-winger or a free-flyer [who goes with the wind, and votes for the best person despite the party] — it doesn’t matter to the truth! Partisanship may put a filter on your lens and distort the truth, but without that filter the truth remains.

So that’s why I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican. I mean maybe I would say I’m an Independent, but I don’t want to align myself with any other politician who is an Independent.

I just vote for the best, and whoever is the best, I vote for them. My opinion of the best may be different than yours, but my opinion is always natural. Too many people’s opinions are based off of their friends’ thoughts and [or] their sources. Now the best source of water is the spring it’s popping out of. But if that water is coming from that source and then going through the pipes and if the pipe is contaminated than your water is as well. So the water was pure, but went through a certain filter and got damaged.

Some people’s sources are damaged. I would say most people’s sources are highly-damaged!

Want to know why POLITICAL DEBATE is so HEATED THESE DAYS? It’s because people choose the news that fit their views. reported this, for example…


Above is a chart displaying how much trust is put into the sources. The people polled were people who have mixed political views [conservative & liberal views].

As you see,

  • CBS
  • CNN
  • ABC
  • NBC

the 4 main installments of American media, are trusted more than other sources. There’s a little distrust in the mainstream media but — the other percentage is NEITHER. So some people, with mixed political views, don’t trust the 4 primary American outlets but don’t distrust them either.

As you can see, sources like the Wall Street Journal and  NY Times and Washington Post are trusted a little less than the main 4 news channels. This comes as a little bit of a surprise to me, as I would have expected their trustworthiness to be on par with the CBS,ABC,CNN,CBS .. Yet they are more trusted than distrusted. Of course the Wall Street Journal has it’s blind spot, and that’s the issue of climate change. But the NY Times has it’s blind spots as well, and so does WashPo. Despite this, throughout their long & storied histories, they’ve been able to maintain a decently respectful image to the general public. TOUGH TO DO! Fox News, a conservative channel [borderline propaganda], has more trust than distrust but as you can tell it’s a little less trusted than the 4 main channels. And that’s because Fox News was created to ‘combat liberal bias’ in the media, so everyone knows that — to an extent — their reporting may be a tad slanted sometimes. Fox News is credible, but it’s more damaged than the 4 main outlets in my opinion. What I find interesting is the equally trusted/equally distrusted sources. Breitbart is a total propaganda site for hardlined right-wingers.


The Blaze is less of propaganda, but still very biased to the right. Yahoo News tends to lean left, HuffPo definitely leans left [I’d equate them with Breitbart as a propaganda force, except Breitbart puts out conservative views and HuffPo puts out liberal views] Drudge Report, which is a right-wing blog, is trusted by some and distrusted by others, but it has some respect. What Drudge does is links his stories to the source he received it from, so it’s kind of up to you. Sean Hannity Show is a hardlined conservative show, and while I think Hannity gets too much slack — he does distort the truth sometimes, but at least he admits he is a conservative. Still he is MORE DISTRUSTED than TRUSTED, when it comes to people with varying views. BuzzFeed is not a trusted source, despite it’s popularity. BuzzFeed was recently in the news for putting out unverified claims. BuzzFeed admitted in the article that the dossier was not verified, but still — to put that out in the public so lazily is a black eye to your integrity. Rush Limbaugh is like Hannity, but a little more wild-eyed. As you can see, he’s got a lot of distrust.

NPR, CNN Most Consumed on the Left, Fox News on the Right; Local TV Spans Ideological Divide

At the top of this chart are how people group their political views. Consistently liberal people tend to to go with NPR [commendable and mostly fair but it does go a little far left ON OCCASSION] and CNN. They also trust MSNBC [the Democrats’ answer to Fox News] more than others do. As you can see, Fox News isn’t even on their radar — yet CONSISTENTLY CONSERVATIVE people go to Fox News for sources A LOT. So when the far left and far right massage their egos behind-the-scenes, and reassure their mindset, they come out with a lot of ‘facts’ .. and they both got them from different places. It’s fair to note that, ACCORDING TO THIS POLL, extreme liberals go to CNN for sources — which I respect them for doing so as CNN is USUALLY bipartisan [recently it’s lost some of it’s respect but OVERALL it’s as trusted as ABC,CBS,NBC].

Check out all the polls here. INTERESTING STUDY!

As you see consistent liberals often decide to go with NPR [commendable and mostly fair but it does go a little far left ON OCCASSION] and CNN. They also trust MSNBC [the Democrats’ answer to Fox News] more than others do. As you can see, Fox News isn’t even on their radar — yet CONSISTENTLY CONSERVATIVE people go to Fox News for sources A LOT.

So when the far left and far right massage their egos behind-the-scenes, and reassure their mindset, they come out with a lot of ‘facts’ .. and they both got them from different places. It’s fair to note that, ACCORDING TO THIS POLL, extreme liberals go to CNN for sources — which I respect them for doing so as CNN is USUALLY bipartisan [recently it’s lost some of it’s respect but OVERALL it’s as trusted as ABC,CBS,NBC].

College students, according to LiveScience, tend to read articles that reflect [and massage] their own viewpoint. And that’s why college kids are so intolerant, these days.

LiveScience reported:

Conservatives buck the trend

Some findings from both researchers suggest that individual confidence and certainty play a role in what people choose to read.

People with stronger party affiliation, conservative political views, and greater interest in politics proved more likely to click on articles with opposing views, according to the Ohio State study.

“It appears that people with these characteristics are more confident in their views and so they’re more inclined to at least take a quick look at the counterarguments,” Knobloch-Westerwick noted.

However, Knobloch-Westerwick added that her latest study was not designed to assess reader motives, and that she hopes to more carefully study the issue in the future.

The Brigham Young University survey found that journalists also tended to read liberal blogs — perhaps a reflection of journalists’ political beliefs, although even conservatives said liberal blogs were often better-written, Davis pointed out.

Among the political blog readers, a similar trend emerged in which “liberals read almost exclusively liberal blogs, but conservatives tend to read both,” Davis said.

Davis offered another possible explanation for this trend among blog readers. Conservative views dominate talk radio, and so conservatives may feel more satisfied by that outlet and are willing to check out opposing views on blogs.

By contrast, liberal views dominate the blogosphere, but are scant on talk radio.

So WHY DID I CREATE THIS BLOG? Good question. It’s because with so much alt-media out there, where there is conservative blogs [that report anything that hurts the left, even if it’s untrue] and liberal blogs [that do the same] .. and then there’s conservative sites that are biased but do stow away from conspiracy theories, and some liberal sites also do as well ..

.. in these days.. where you’ve got the mainstream media, usually trustworthy but tend to lean left [via being tougher on Republicans], and you’ve got right-wing semi-propaganda like Fox News, on TV every night, and then you’ve got newspapers like NY Times and WashPo that are respected YET do have their issues [even if minor] and you’ve got the Wall Street Journal — which is respected and is accurate enough — does have it’s one weakness and that’s global warming [because their owner is all about oil], and where you have some ‘sources’ that are just UNASHAMED PROPAGANDA [those tend to be popular on Facebook], with all of the news outlets and where you can get them and how you can be relayed info and ‘dis-info’ by so many different news sources, IT’S TOUGH TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE AND WHAT’S SKEWED.


Obama did not pat Melania’s ass, despite what TGP told you!


And as we all know after the mega debacle it caused, Trump did not allow Russian women to piss on him. Despite what BuzzFeed threw out there.

So here, I promise you I’m going to report ACCURATELY and call out people when they lie. I, unlike Repubs and Dems, don’t lie out of SELF-PRIDE in a party/ don’t lie to PUSH MY AGENDA despite it’s false info .. instead I don’t commit to a political agenda NOR party, and I am able to show you what’s HONEST and what’s LYING.

Usually, from what I can tell, the POLITICAL PARTY lying the most tends to be the party with a President in the Oval Office. The Presidential Administration is covered by the media intensely, therefore the Democrats/the Republicans will do anything to attack the Administration IF IT’S THEIR FOE PARTY who has control of The White House. And the REPUBLICANS/DEMOCRATS will lie, lie, lie to protect the President [if he is of their party], because the President is a major factor in whether the country goes RIGHT or LEFT.

Image result for REPUBLICANS DEmocrats NEITHER

Now, despite which President is in office, both parties LIE like hell. So you need to read my site. And I give you sources, so you can check my reports.

On The Hunt For TRUTH, In A WORLD Of LIES. #TruthHunt

So as the world keeps spinning, the sun keeps rising, the moon keeps setting, the grass keeps growing, the waves keep rowing. But what else is also very certain to continue. Media lies.

You have the mainstream media, which is trusted in some respects but too much distortion comes through. They’ve shown to be corrupt at times as well.

Conservative media like Fox is definitely not honest either. Sure, they give you the facts — but they also give you a lot of propagandized hogwash.

You’ve got alternate media, and blogs [like this], and you’ve got media all over the web.

Here at TRUTH HUNT, I promise you — you’ll get the truth. I’m not biased to the Republicans, I think most of them are sacks of sh*t. And I’m not biased to the Democrats, because I have plenty of probs with them as well.

I’m not really a liberal nor am I conservative. I’m just for the right news being reported, the truth getting out there WITHOUT any lies sprinkled in it.

So my guarantee to you, is that I will give it to you straight. I will not report inaccurate stories, I won’t say this is true when I secretly know it’s false [or semi-fake], I won’t pretend like I have all the answers. But what I will do is receive the answers, expose lies in all of the media [despite what section of the media they belong to], and wake up everyday with the fire of a THOUSAND SUNS. And the energy of a trained, dedicated, mean pro boxer on his way to fight for the heavyweight title. And I mean it. I promise you that.



TRUTHhunt.Jpg#TruthHunt. Get The TRUTH Out There!